Worldwide signatory workshop series

The PRI will be hosting 21 workshops between May – July where will consult with our signatories, global partners and stakeholders in the region on the PRI’s 10-year initiatives particularly the consultation on signatory accountability, diversity and the RI Blueprint which will set out a 10-Year plan for responsible investment and the role of the PRI.

The findings from these workshops will be presented in our recommendations and next steps at the 2016 Signatory General Meeting in Singapore on September 6 during the PRI in Person Conference.

To view the series, the agendas with each workshop and register your participation with these events please click the button below

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PRI in Person 2016

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore – 6-8 September

PRI in Person is the foremost global responsible investment conference. IN Asia for the first time since 2008, PRI aims to promote the region’s understanding of responsible investing as well as to provide a forum for the sharing of best practices and innovative techniques at both an introductory and an advanced level. In addition, sessions will showcase and explore emerging themes and tools and cater for topics of interest to Asian investors and those investing in Asia.

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